Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 6 - A No-motor Day

Tuesday, July 13, 2010
We decided to spend the day at Montague Harbor rather than move on to another location like Pirates Cove, or Thetis Island, or even Newcastle Island. A strong wind blew last night just like the evening before at Prevost Harbor, Stuart Island. Maybe that was the gale winds mentioned on the weather radio for southern Georgia Strait. It must have been blowing 25 knots or more. The Zipper moored along side the Independence was making quite a racket, so I untied it and tethered it to the stern cleat of the Independence. By morning the wind had greatly subsided. The weather has been mostly sunny with only a few clouds rolling through, although last night after returning from Ganges I thought we'd get some rain, but it missed us.

Kim, Hank and I took a long walk on the road that leads into Montague Provincial Park walking all the way to the Montague Harbor Marina. It was a nice walk with many nice views of the bay and all the boats anchored and moored there. We then came back and had a few snacks. The rage has been resurrecting the Yahtzee Game with a new battery. By having the battery die, Max's old high score - an impossible 586 score was now gone. Now it was who was going to have the next high score. The electronic Yahtzee game is relegated to the forward head and the unwritten rule is that where it belongs. You cannot take the Yahtzee game out of the forward head and play it. I tried that and was severely chastized. Luckily I got the high score properly - while sitting on the forward head and peace and order was restored.
We had a lazy afternoon, had a late lunch and then did an extended beach trip. We found a shady spot on the N side of the beach with a great view up Trincomali Passage. We also played water fetch with Hank - which he thoroughly enjoyed. I threw the stick fairly far out in the water this time forcing him to swim more. I think he would play water fetch until he dropped dead from exhaustion. As we sat we saw first one large double masted sailboat anchor in the bay, but up the channel we saw more and more approaching. Somebody walking by mentioned that there was a double-masted sailboat regatta going on. It was fun to see these big beautiful sailboats come into the bay and anchor. All in all we counted over 12 large double masted sailboats. We finished our afternoon with a hike on the Point Grey trail. The weather was warm and fortunately there was a steady breeze blowing from the SW to keep us cool. The wind died down later. We were still all so stuffed from lunch that we passed on making any kind of significant supper - just a few snacks.

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