Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 17 - Going South

Saturday, July 24, 2010
Weighed anchor at 0555 under clear skies. There was a light NW breeze blowing when we left and it blew the whole time until we anchored in Boho Bay, Lasqueti Island. And, it kept blowing. There was a 1' chop through Desolation Sound, and seas started building again after Lund. Just past Harwood Island the seas started really building as the wind and waves came right down Algerine Passage (the passage between northern Texada Island and Harwood Island). They rapidly went from a 2' chop to a 3' moderate or maybe more. Just by Grief Point I laid down and left the helm to Kim. I resumed the helm just before NE Point on Texada Island. At times the NW wind blew hard, maybe 20 knots or more especially around NE Point on Texada Island. Fortunately we were riding with the waves so it wasn't too bad. However, the few boats going N did not have a smooth ride. You could see them pounding through the waves. Every now and then they'd hit a wave and spray would rise above the boat and cover the whole boat. Fortunately, not only were we riding with the ebb, but the wind pushed us along too so we were making great speed and time. But, it was still tiring since in a following sea the Independence likes to yaw a bit, so you have to work the wheel to keep the bow forward and not let the boat pitch. I considered anchoring in Anderson Bay on Texada, but it was busy with several boats. So we kept on going. The seas calmed right down to just a ripple at the S end of Texada Island - Upwood Point. As we came round the S end of Texada, the NW wind blowing down Sabine Channel hit us hard, sending spray over the bow and onto the windows. Entering Bull Passage there were very strong NW winds. We pulled into Boho Bay and dropped the anchor near a small bight were it gets narrow and out of the wind.
We dropped the anchor in 36' of water at half rising tide at 1425. I put out all 100' of chain because of the wind which must have been blowing at least 20-25 knots and higher with gusts. When we pulled in a nearby sailboat pulled up his anchor and left. Not sure if it was because of me or not. I wasn't that close to him at all. Strange. There were 2 other sailboats and a powerboat anchored to the E of us, nearer to Boho Island. The NW wind continued to blow and at times hard.

Later a couple of small powerboats came into the bay and I helped one try to do a stern with the Zipper tie since it wanted to anchor near me to be out of the wind, but it just didn't work because the wind was blowing so hard. They moved out into the center of the bay and did their best with the wind. I was impressed with the crew because she must've pulled up the anchor at least 4 times while they tried to anchor. There was no windlass just her manually pulling up the anchor. The skipper (presumably her husband) manuevered the boat and barked out orders. They finally traded places and he set the anchor. The poor gal was probably exhausted.

I took a few minutes to check things over in the engine room. I looked good. I then settled down with a cold beer. I listened to the weather radio to get what the current reports were and what might be the forecast for tomorrow. We still had to get to Nanaimo and the worst part of the Strait - between Lasqueti Island and Vancouver Island. Current reports were that the wind was blowing 25 knots at Ballenas Island and at Entrance Island. Lighthouse reports at Entrance Island was that seas were a 4' moderate. Tomorrow the weather and winds were supposed to be more of the same - NW winds at 15-20 knots, although they said that winds may diminish to 10-15 knots near mid-day. So we might leave a bit late.

As the evening wore on the wind continued to blow. For supper I made some European wieners and home fried potatoes. Normally we do a Zipper exploration of Jedediah Island but it was just too windy. So we just stayed put.

Stats: 55.7 nm, average speed 6.5 knots, running time 8:32, ending engine time 6033.9.

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