Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 19 - Early morning beating the "Dodd Crush"

Monday, July 26, 2010.
Left Newcastle Harbor at 0515 - very early to get through Dodd Narrows before maximum ebb. Slack was at 0436 and I figured that the ebb current couldn't be more than 3-4 knots. Maximum ebb was about 0730 at 5+ knots. As it was we went through Dodd Narrows at 0620. A tug announced his N bound transit and then I caught a glimpse of a second tug down S of the rapids. He did not announce his transit through the rapids. Unfortunately we met in the narrows just as we were going S by a N bound tug. He slowed down for a moment but then sped up again. The tug made quite a wake and "rolled up" the rapids. After the tug, we shot through the narrows at 10 knots or more. There were a few standing waves about 2' high but no whirlpools or currents that we couldn't handle. What was amazing was that the tug we met in the rapids was the only other boat - not a single other boat. Wow, after all these times when we transited the narrows and experiencing the "parade of Bayliners" we only saw ONE boat. I like these early morning transits of Dodd Narrows.

After Dodd, Trincomali Passage was fairly calm with a NW breeze of about 10-15 knots making a 1' chop. We passed Round Island, made our way S towards Reed Island, and then down towards Walker Rock. As we got closer to Montague the seas abated to only a ripple. Very few boats out but as we approached Montague Harbor the boat traffic increased. They are probably leaving Montague to get through Dodd Narrows at the next slack which was about 11:30. We rode a good ebb down Trincomali sometimes even doing over 8 knots, but generally 6.5-7 knots. We found a mooring buoy that we're familiar with - the last one on the W side of the bay, close to the island. We tied up at 0925. We noticed that all the mooring buoys were taken by noon.

Weather is still clear and sunny along with the persistent NW wind. The wind was appreciated during the day because it didn't make it so hot.

We relaxed then went to the beach where we threw the stick for Hanky and then walked the Point Grey trail around the island. We then came back and made supper - Vindaloo Pork Chops and grilled shrimp skewers. We then had a leisurely evening. Our last night in Canada on the boat for 2010. I enjoyed our last night in Canada with a couple of tots of Canadian whiskey.

Stats: 27.9 nm, average speed 6.5 knots, running time 4:17, ending engine time 6042.5.

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