Saturday, November 7, 2009

Doo doo doo looking out my front...

Fall is definitely here. I had to break out the portable space heater and plug it in to warm up the main cabin. It was a long and all too busy week at work, so the peace and quiet here in the Independence is so appreciated. Several thundershowers are moving through the area bringing wind and heavy rains, along with the occasional thunder and lightning. The wind whips through the marina, and the rain pounds the covered moorage roof. In between showers the sun briefly shines and I got to witness at least three rainbows over the Olympia Harbor. I took a picture of one these rainbows, but alas a cell phone camera is not the finest in photographic quality.

The Capt'n of the SV Mary O'Farrell stopped by and brought a bottle of very fine Pyrat Rum. I brought out the British Navy regulation rum ration cups and we treated ourselves to two rations of rum. As a result the conversation turned from casual chit-chat to some pretty heady stuff. And, another ration was enjoyed. It's always good to see Capt'n Dave. The conversation faded off after the SV Mary O'Farrell's First Mate (both literally and figuratively) showed up.

Another Friday passed.