Friday, December 25, 2009

Starts Right Up!

We've had snow, and several days of very cold temperatures. So cold that a thin layer of ice even covered the salt water around the marina. No, it's not that cold that salt water is freezing but cold enough for the thin layer of fresh water on top to freeze. I came down just before the cold snap and plugged in a small space heater in the main cabin. Prior to this the cabin temp was about 40F. Now it's just above 50 F. However, now the cold spell has passed and we're starting to get back to normal Puget Sound temperatures of the mid 40's.

I lifted the main engine room access lid and gave a peek - no excess water in the bilge. So I decided to start 'er up. I checked the battery levels, moved the throttle lever forward, turned the key, and pushed the button... about 9 seconds later the engine came to life. Good. I then adjusted the throttle lever to about 700 RPM and put her in gear to let her idle in gear at the dock. Meanwhile I poured my self a couple fingers of whiskey and pondered warmer times and faraway places. The purring of the engine, and gentle vibration throughout the cabin helped me think of cruising to some distant anchorage. I remained in this semi-lucid dream state for about 30 minutes when I checked the engine temperature gauge to see if she had warmed up enough. Sure enough she was warmed up. I then took her out of gear, revved her up, let her idle for a moment more, then hit the kill switch. All quiet.

I finished my drink and thought some more of distant anchorages and warmer times. I turned the space heater down and put it in the aft cabin. Turned off all the lights and locked her up. Another Friday done.