Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter start

I went down to start the boat the other night. It was cold as hell. The wind was blowing out of the N at 20+ knots. Again, God it was cold. When I got into the boat it was rocking like I was out cruising but I was tied up to the dock. It took me 3 tries to start the boat. It was below freezing out and I hadn't started it about a month. I shoulda went down into the engine room to check the dripping from the fuel filters, the transmission, the oil level, and the coolant level, but I was fucking lazy and just started it. After the 3rd try the boat started. I normally put it in gear and let it idle but this time I kept it at 1300 rpm or so and just let it run. It heated up to just below operating temperature when I shut it off. The hour meter registered over 0.5 hour later at 5534.1. It sounded great when it ran.

While it was running I opened a sample bottle of scotch and enjoyed it. When that was finished I then opened up a bottle of vodka that I found deep in the liquor locker. It was down 3/4 towards empty. It was so cold in the boat that the vodka poured thickly. It was good and tasty. I also entered some stuff in the main boat log and in my personal log.