Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 2 - Friday Harbor

Left Kingston at 5:10 AM (same time as yesterday) to continue our trip N. As yesterday, the skies were clear and the winds were calm as we started out. Once again we are going to ride the morning ebb, however this one was much more beneficial than yesterday. We almost immediately felt the pull of the ebb as soon as we got out of Appletree Cove (Kingston). By the time we made Point No Point we were doing 8 knots and it only got better. As we cruised up Admiralty Inlet the ebb current got stronger and stronger. By the time we reached Bush Point just off of Whidbey Island we were doing well above 9+ knots, even hitting 10 knots at times - we were flying. We made Point Wilson by Port Townsend at about 9:30 AM and now were doing 10+ knots. The Strait of Juan de Fuca was calm. We were traveling up the E side of Admiralty Inlet going towards Point Partridge on Whidbey Island. When we hit almost exactly the Point Partridge green buoy we slowed down to 5+ knots. We continued this slow pace to just beyond Smith Island and near Cattle Pass where we started to take advantage of the flood current into the San Juan archipelago. The Strait was calm except for some waves that were caused by the current not wind. Just about Smith Island we were being tossed side to side fairly good. Fortunately these uncomfortable seas didn't last too long. Everyone was asleep in their bunks anyway, so it didn't matter. It was just me skipperin' the boat.

We made Cattle Pass - the southern most end of San Juan Channel at about 11:00 AM. Once again we were riding the current and moving along at over 8 knots! We rounded Turn Rock and then went into Friday Harbor tying up to our slip at 12:30. That's just over a 7 hour run (7:12 to be exact) for 53.1 nautical miles. For the Independence we made some excellent time. Just out of Friday Harbor I snapped this great pic of a schooner in San Juan Channel.

The current was really moving in the harbor. I could tell as we came down the slip way. At one point I was moving more sideways than forward. Hmmm? This could be interesting. Josef met us at our assigned slip after taking the Zipper in. This was good. He motioned to me that the current was running hard E to W. As I turned to go into the slip, we were going more W than S. Fortunately Josef caught me and we got in without any problems.

It is hot here, but the weather is changing. By late afternoon the sky was mostly cloudy and a few degrees cooler. I was disappointed in that my favorite watering hole - The Front Street Ale House is gone. Oh drat. Now what am I going to do? No more authentic Bavarian Hefeweizen or "Bangers, Bubbles & Squeak." We'll have to find a new watering hole. We tried the "Rumor Mill" which is now at the old "Electric Company Pizza." It was okay. Tonight was their grand opening. I had meatloaf with no gravy - what the heck is that about? Meatloaf with no gravy? Sorry didn't work with me.

Again, it's really cooled down. The skies are all overcast which has dropped the temperature by a good 10 degrees F or more. This is a relief. Oh, and one more thing... Friday Harbor is "dead." Many stores are closed and there just doesn't seem to be the crowds. Sure, it might be early July and not August but it still seems too quiet. I think the recession has come to Friday Harbor too.

Tomorrow we are thinking of going to Sucia and maybe staying for more than one day. We still haven't heard from the hockey camp Josef is going to be a counselor at so it leaves our plans up in the air. Hmmm? Hey, don't worry its as the Canadian's say, "You're on holiday."

Stats: 53.1 nm, average speed: 7.4 knots, 7:12 cruising time, 7.7 hours engine

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