Monday, July 5, 2010

Final Preparations

I've been coming down to the boat each day each time bringing with me supplies or clothes or whatever we'll be needing for the trip N. Each day I check another system... cooling system, transmission cooler, batteries (engine), freshwater, portable generator, and the list goes on. I've learned that preparation is the key to a successful cruise. I am nervous though, worrying that everything works okay and is okay. I want a successful cruise without any problems. Its the sailor's dilemma... "can't wait to get out of port, can't wait to get back to port." I ease my worries by sipping a ration of whiskey and looking out the window. However, I then realize that I really shouldn't worry as this will be our 20th year of going "upcoast" BC.

One of my concerns is the anchor windlass. When we were recently at McMicken Island the anchor windlass didn't engage when you stepped on the switch. And it seemed a bit slow. We do so much anchoring it would be a real pain if the anchor windlass were to fail. I checked all the connections and everything looks okay. The only thing I noticed was that one connection on the battery terminal was kind of loose. I checked the specific gravity on each of the batteries and they were all "good." I did upgrade the chain size a year or so ago which probably is a bit too heavy for this anchor windlass. I didn't think about that.

Another issue this year is deciding on the itinerary. I build a pretty extensive spreadsheet with various waypoints, times, tide & current notes. It's a big help to plan out a cruise and answer cruising questions such as, "When do we go to Nanaimo to drop Josef off for hockey camp, or does he go on his own?" The answer to this question has a big play on our plans. If he doesn't go we can go farther N since we won't have to worry about being in Nanaimo on a certain date. If he does go, then we'll have to adjust. My original N destination was Clio Channel area in southern Queen Charlotte Strait. Clio Channel has some great prawning and crabbing. Unfortunately a lot of the southern Broughton archipelago is now a rockfish conservation area which really limits your fishing opportunities. Oh well we will see how far N we get this year.

The weather looks to be nice for the start of our cruise, maybe even too hot; by Thursday its supposed to be 90F! At least we will be out on the water where perhaps it will be a bit cooler.

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