Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 13 - All Fished Out

Tuesday, July 20, 2010
I got up early, well not that early, to go fishing. The winds were down to about 10 knots and the tide had just changed - ideal conditions to catch a fish. So I motored out to the reef that is at the entrance to Beaver Inlet and started to jig for a bottom fish. I jigged and jigged, but I never even got a bite. This was affirmed by the depth sounder because once again I saw NO FISH. From the reef I motored out to William Point and tried fishing along the wall. Again I jigged and jigged but never got a bite. Again the depth sounder showed no "real" fish. There were some soundings of fish but they were all very small fish. This was better than no fish, but it didn't help me.

I then decided to go check the prawn traps that I had set the day before over on the other side of Loughborough Inlet. I was by myself but figured I could pull the traps and wrap the line by myself. So, off I went. I needed some alone time anyway. I found the traps and began to pull them up. I developed a system where I could wrap the line around the spool and pull the pot up too. It was slow going but it was working. I pulled the first pot up and found 7 prawns in it. Hmmm, not good but at least I wasn't skunked. I hoped that the second pot would have more. The second pot was heavier and I was thinking maybe this was good. But when I pulled the pot to the surface there was only ONE lonely prawn in it. The heavy feeling was the canvas wrapped around the pot making it hard to pull up. Now I was thoroughly disgusted. This little piece of heaven was all fished out. I then decided to not re-set the prawn traps and instead raced back to the boat. In my mind I said that I had enough of the poor fishing and the wind and decided to move on to a different anchorage. Checking the crab pots around the Independence only verified my decision - they were empty too. I thought not even a freeking sunstar. So either the bait was terribly ineffective or there were no fish - fish, crab, and prawns here. I decided it was the latter. x
We weighed anchor at 1040 and left the "blow hole." As we were leaving Beaver Inlet the wind started to build again. At the entrace to Beaver Inlet was another boat fishing the same spots I had fished earlier. I watched him through the binoculars and never saw him pull up anything. Again I felt that my paradise was spoiled. I doubt I will ever return to Beaver Inlet.

We caught the last of the flood and rode through Greene Point Rapids and anchored in Cordero Cove just E of Greene Point at 1210. We're anchored in 35' of water at near high tide in between the island and shore. Anchoring here puts us in better position for catching tomorrow morning's slack through the Yucultas.
As we were anchoring Kim spotted a bear at the far E end of Cordero Cove. We hopped into the Zipper and went to check the bear out. We saw that it was a sow Black Bear with two very small cubs. As we approached the cubs darted up the beach to the tree line. The sow remained turning over rocks on the beach and licking up the small crabs. We watched this bear for a good 30 or more minutes. We then set two crab pots E of where we are anchored. The bottom looked good with a nice covering of eel grass.

The persistent wind picked up again late in the afternoon. For supper I made a corned beef pepper pot dish which I didn't like. Kim and Hank did. I enjoyed a beer and later a whiskey instead. We checked the crab pots and reset them in several different spots but the result was always the same - no crab. Again I am disappointed.

Stats: 9.9 nm, average speed 6.1 knots, running time 1:30, ending engine hours 6015.6

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