Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 10 - A Lazy Day

Saturday, July 17, 2010
Another gorgeous day in Paradise. More clear skies. Had a very lazy day. We all slept in. Then it was just reading books and doing really nothing worth noting. At about 1400 we went over to Squirrel Cove to get a few groceries. It seemed like everyone else anchored in Squirrel Cove had the same idea. The routine is the same - under slow bell through the anchorage, but as soon as you hit the cut at the entrance, open up the throttle to flank speed and race to Squirrel Cove. It looked as if Squirrel Cove was being attacked by ones and twos from people in dinghies. I took command of the dinghy invasion force by opening up the Zipper throttle and flying by them all. I rarely get to pass any boats when cruising in the Independence, so when I get an opportunity to pass something I'll take advantage of it.

We again picked up some groceries (chicken, Bavarian smokies, fresh veggies, block & cubed ice) since tomorrow we'll be moving on farther N and there won't me any nearby marinas to get any groceries. The other thing we picked up is some Squirrel Cove coffee. They have their own roast and it is so good. I also got a 3 day fishing license.
After our excursion to Squirrel Cove, we came back and had a nice sun shower. I touched the sun shower bag laying on the deck of the Independence and it was almost hot to the touch. So I tied the sun shower bag to the boom and hoisted it. The setup is that you can stand on the swim step with the sun shower bag above you and take a shower. It was absolutely delicious. The water was oh so warm. It was hot enough outside that almost as soon as you got done you were dry. It was perfect.

Once the larder was stocked, and we were 'refreshed' it was time for a cocktail and preparations for supper. I had me a very tall caesar with lots of ice that I had just purchased at Squirrel Cove. In fact, I had two caesars. I spent my time marinating some chicken. I also concocted my own cocktail snack - a handful of "Dragon Boat mix," a handful of oriental rice crackers, and some peanuts. Dragon Boat mix is something that I've only found in Thrifty Food Stores in Nanaimo. Dragon Boat Mix is a melange of rice flour coated peanuts - coated with a variety of items, seaweed, wasabi, coconut, black sesame seeds, and white sesame seeds, along with some cashews. It is a truly unique mix. I grilled the chicken but I was not so impressed with my marinade and the result. It was good, but not worthy of being entered in the log. Kim made a delicious cous-cous to go along with the chicken. We sat out on the back deck, enjoying supper, and watching the world go on at anchor in Squirrel Cove. One of the best things of being at anchor is how the boat slowly turns so you always get some new view.

Once again I capped off my day with a toast of Canadian whiskey to Squirrel Cove and a beautiful lazy day.

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