Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yuculta's & Von Donop Inlet

Sunday, July 19, 2009. Day 15.
We weighed anchor at 05:50 AM to get through the Yuculta's. Weather was clear with a brisk W wind. We cruised at 1700 RPM because I didn't want to go too fast since we would arrive at the rapids too soon. We were supposed to be fighting an ebb current, but instead got a ride from a current that pushed me along faster than I wanted. Cruising down past Shoal Bay I slowed down even more on the throttle to less than 1500 RPM but still was making 7 knots. Only when we got by Gomer Island just N of Dent Rapids did I start to experience a strong ebb, slowing me down to 4 knots or less. I simply motored over close to the Sonora Island shore and caught the back eddies. As it was, we made Gillard Rapids right at slack. By the time we made Yuculta Rapids, the rapids were just starting to form.

After traversing through the Yuculta's we went down Drew Passage just W of the Rendezvous Islands. For all the years we been cruising up here this was a first for us. We continued this course into Sutil Channel and then down into Von Donop Inlet. We entered Von Donop Inlet just after the tide had turned and so we had a good current pushing us into the bay. I was a bit concerned about the mid-channel rock in Von Donop Inlet but it was no problem. We met another power boat trying to exit, but I had to let him know that I had the right-of-way since I was traveling with the current and my steerage was a bit affected.

As we entered into the larger portion of the bay we could see it was not too crowded, but there were still quite a few boats anchored. We decided to anchor on the W side of the outer bay so we could enjoy the shade sooner later in the day. It was looking like it was going to be a hot day. We anchored in 31' of water at just past low tide.

The outer bay is large and will accommodate many boats; there are about 12-14 boats anchored out here. Von Donop Inlet is quite scenic with all the little bays and indents. After taking a short nap, we then 'Zipper'd' around Von Donop Inlet to explore. At one point we stopped at a beach and played 'water fetch' with Hank. He thought fetching the stick out of the water was great fun. After all of this we came back prepared a crab & prawn dinner.

Nm: 31.7 Avg. speed: 5.6 kts. Time: 5:38 Hours: 5.9 Ending hours: 5903.0

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