Saturday, October 31, 2009


Monday, July 27, 2009. Day 23.
Clear skies and calm seas. We left the Skagit Island mooring buoy at 0630 to continue our trip home. We had perfectly calm seas to about Francis Bay in Saratoga Passage. Not too many boats out either. I layed down at Francis Bay and got up again when we reached Sandy Point on Whidbey Island. There's a light N/NW breeze of about 5 knots. It's going to be a hot day. We're making good speed after rouding Rocky Point, we're averaging over 6.5 knots.

As we were going around Possession Point I noticed that the water temperature guage was fluctuating a bit. It would climb and then drop. I kept an eye on it but wasn't too bothered. What I did notice is that there was a lot of seaweed and junk in the water.

I joined JoJo up on the flying bridge crossing from Saratoga Passage across Puget Sound to Kingston. We made it into Kingston at 1330 and headed to the fuel dock. I got 210 gallons at $2.39/gal or $504.01. Since we last filled up, 117.3 engine hours have elapsed, which figures to be about 1.79 gallons/hour. We then went over to our slip and tied up for the day.

It's very hot here in Kingston. It's clear, cloudless, and windless. We all took cold showers to cool off. Later we went to Luna Bella for our traditional dinner and our traditional pizza - "Morgan's Special." As usual it was very good. We topped it off with ice cream - we were all stuffed.

Nm: 43.8 Avg. speed: 6.4 knots Time: 6:52 Hours: 7.2 Engine hours: 5939.4

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