Saturday, October 31, 2009

Montague - Last Night in Canada

Friday, July 24, 2009. Day 20.
The SE winds that blew through the Newcastle anchorage died down late in the evening and we had a very peaceful night. Newcastle Harbor is a busy anchorage being right across from Nanaimo and being a popular marine park. Also, it was Friday night so you could hear people talking, arguing, and partying late into the night. That's one thing about Newcastle - welcome back to civilization after being in the wilderness.

We woke to partly cloudy skies and no wind. We weighed anchor very early at 0525 to get through Dodd Narrows. We made it to Dodd at 0624, about 15 min. past slack, and ebbing in our favor of pushing us S through the Narrows. Because it was so early, we only had to contend with 3 boats instead of the usual parade of boats when later in the day - this was nice. Trincomali Channel was perfectly calm with only an occasional ripple here and there all the way to Montague Harbor. We experienced very few boats from Dodd to Montague. We got to Montague at 0950 and got a mooring buoy. Kim took Hank immediately to the beach. Skies are overcast but no threat of rain. I enjoyed that we were not anchoring, we just had to tie up to a mooring buoy.

We spent the afternoon being lazy. We went to the park and a short walk to the beach facing W, or opposite of the harbor. It was a hot afternoon and there were quite a few people out. We found a secluded spot on down and made it our. I played water fetch with Hank and he enjoyed that a lot again. We whiled away the afternoon doing nothing. Finally we returned to the boat and made some grilled chicken for dinner. We used the recipe that I invented back at Beaver Inlet. It was very good - again.
Nm: 28 Avg. speed: 6.3 kts. Time: 4:25 Hours: 4.9 Ending hours: 5923.3

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