Sunday, October 25, 2009

Time for a Swim

Monday, July 20, 2009. Day 16.
We weighed anchor from beautiful Von Donop Provincial Marine Park at 0756. Several other boats had the same idea. We followed 2 boats through the narrows and past the mid-channel rock (stay well to the W). I think the many boats were leaving because the tide was falling fast and it was supposed to be a low tide today. We rode a healthy ebb current out of Von Donop Inlet and out into Sutil Channel. We continued to enjoy this ebb until the far end of Cortes Island where we fought the current until we entered Lewis Channel. The wind was brisk again today from the N/NW and we enjoyed following seas and a healthy ebb down Lewis Channel helping us make well over 7 knots speed. We got into Squirrel Cove at 11:15 AM. We anchored in our usual spot, except this time we did a stern tie to shore. We did this so we can enjoy the afternoon shade as it's going to be hot today. We're anchored in 14.5' of water and our stern is about 20' from shore.

I ran the generator for a few hours and then we headed off to Teakerne Arm for a swim. The swim was absolutely delicious. The water was just perfect for a hot day. The swim was definitely what was needed. I felt so refreshed. We then came back and grilled some wieners for dinner. I finished the day enjoying a nice crisp, cool Cesar on the back deck.

Nm: 16.0 Avg. speed: 5.9 kts. Time: 2:43 Hours: 3.0 Ending hours: 5906.0

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