Saturday, October 31, 2009


Went down last night and started the boat. It started right up within 5 seconds. I let it run for almost 30 min at idle in gear.

The wind was really blowing down at the marina. I retied the dingy lines securing it to the dock and keeping it off of the piling. I also re-checked the mooring lines. I put on an extra spring line to keep the boat from moving forward in the slip. When it does this the bow gets the detritus from the moorage roof and it makes a mess.

I've got to replace the no. 3 battery and give her an oil change. I checked the bilge and it looked dry. I've got to spend some time just cleaning some things up.

I spent some time sipping a glass of whiskey and watching the wind on the water blow through the slips and causeway. It was a very long week and this is my "man cave" and refuge to reflect and renew.

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