Saturday, October 31, 2009


Sunday, July 26, 2009. Day 22.
Woke to partly cloudy skies and light winds. We met our good friends from Olympia - Dave & Mary Delong - who were up meeting with Mary's Mom & Dad who live in Friday Harbor. We decided to have breakfast at the Friday Harbor Donut Shop. This place serves great breakfasts, has great doughnuts, is very popular, and as a result very crowded. We had a great time eating and chatting. It is always so good to see the Delongs and Mary's parents the Leche's.

As the morning progressed the fog rolled in. It got quite soupy. We left Friday Harbor with a full send off from the Delongs and Leche's. The fog was very thick all the way to Leo Reef. As we were leaving Friday Harbor we had a couple of boats follow us although they had radar too. We went up Upright Channel past Flat Point and to Upright Head on Lopez Island. Just past Upgright Head where the ferry docks for Lopez Island I had to to do an emergency turn around because the ferry was wanting to dock at Lopez. You couldn't see the ferry until he was less than 1/8 mile away. This was very stressful. I wonder what the boats following me thought when all of a sudden I'm turning around. All in all we made it through this challenge fine and shortly thereafter the fog cleared. We went through Thatcher Pass and into Rosario Strait where we rode a healthy ebb all the way down to Deception Pass. We made Deception Pass at about 1305.

There were lots of boats attempting to go through Deception Pass both E and W at the same time. We had one big yacht fly by us with a 6' or more wake just feet from our port side. To say the least I was not too happy. I let him know my displeasure. Of course his reply was "get out of the way."

As we rounded Hoypus Point we could see that the N shore of Hope Island was crowded with anchored boats and the mooring buoys were all taken. So we cruised over to the N side of Skagit Island and found an open mooring buoy. Initially I was a bit concerned since the mooring buoy is very close to shore, but we tied up and decided to give it a try. The wind blew right out of Deception Pass briskly and right into where we were tied up. It was not too peaceful. We went to shore and explored the Marine Trail Campsite. We also played another game of waterfetch with Hank. You couldn't throw the stick out too far into the water since the current was quite strong.

Nm: 23.6 Avg. speed: 6.1 knots Time: 3:51 Hours: 4.1 Engine hours: 5932.2

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