Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Long Slog Down the Strait

Wednesday, July 22, 2009. Day 18.
Woke to sunny, clear skies. Weighed anchor at 0540. Breezes are light from the NW and an ebb current lightly pulled us out of Desolation Sound. As we motored along I noticed that we were making great speed and time because of the large ebb current that we were riding S. As we approached the Mystery Reef waypoint I did a course correction - instead of going down the W side of Texada, we decided to go down Malaspina Strait. Listening to the weather reports there were rough seas from Comox and down through the Sisters so this was the 'quieter' route to go. Unfortunately this route is about 5.8 nm farther which will probably cost us an hour. Oh well I hate being rolled by rough water.

There was quite a bit of chop and waves around Powell River but seas subsided as we continued to go down Malaspina Strait. Opposite of Hardy Island the wind almost completely stopped. As we came by the Anderson Bay waypoint, we discussed continuing on to Nanaimo instead of stopping at Jedediah Island overnight. In the end we decided to stop for the day. So we entered the archipelago from the southern end of Bull Passage and motored to Long Bay, or what I call "Goat Bay." We dropped the anchor close to the Jedediah Island shore in 15' of water. The wind is blowing from the NW at about 10-15 knots. While sure the wind is blowing, it's keeping us cool and keeping the mosquitoes away.

After anchoring, I took a nap and Kim cleaned the Zipper. I then woke and put the crab pots away for the year and made dinner. The winds died down for dinner which made grilling European wieners easier. I also made a German potatoe salad for dinner.

Nm: 56.1 Avg. speed: 6.9 kts. Time: 8:07 Hours: 8.5 Ending hours: 5914.5

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