Monday, September 7, 2009

Squirrel Cove

Saturday, July 11. Day 7.
We left Boho Bay early, weighing anchor at 0525. Skies were clear and winds were calm. The marine weather report was for NW winds to build to strong in the afternoon. We motored out of Bull Passage and into Sabine Channel for the trip up the Strait of Georgia. Seas were relatively calm although they were "rolly" from the left over wind-waves farther W in the Strait. Wind reports at Sisters Is. far to the W of us were W winds at 18 knots, but there were no winds here. These "calm rolly" conditions existed to just S of Favada Pt. on Texada Island where we finally met a NW wind of about 10-12 knots and a 2' chop. However, these didn't last long as they were gone by the time we made Vivian Is. Just past Mystery Reef I laid down for a nap for about an hour while Kim piloted the boat. I awoke about an hour later and we were just approaching the Thulin Is. waypoint. I was completely out for this time. Seas were calm as we made for the final leg to Squirrel Cove.

We're anchored in Squirrel Cove in the NE corner in 20' of water a 1/2 low tide still falling. We finished anchoring and shut off the engine at 1315. A long day, but we're finally here. There's a light S/SE breeze blowing to cool us off. I think I will relax with a nice whiskey on the rocks.

Nm: 49.8 Avg. speed: 6.1 Time: 8:13 Hours: 8.3 Ending hours: 5883.1

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