Monday, September 7, 2009

Blind Channel

Monday, July 8. Day 9.
Woke to cloudy skies. We pulled up anchor at 0550 so we could make slack at the Yuculta's. There was a brisk 10-15 kt. NW breeze blowing down Lewis Channel and through most of Calm Channel. Most of the time we were pounding into a 1-2' chop. A few times a wave would break on the bow and throw a bit of spray on to the windshield. The breeze made for a very cool morning, so the hot coffee was definitely appreciated.

We made it through the Yuculta's on time - right at slack for each of them (Yuculta, Gillard, and Dent). We were the last of the few boats going through the rapids this morning. I timed the trip to coincide that we would take advantage of the ebb tide and get pulled after we passed through the Yuculta's. As we cruised up Cordero Channel the morning clouds started to burn away to a beautiful day. We were unsure of where we were going to anchor for the day and we decided to go into Blind Channel Marina for the night. I'm not fond of Blind Channel but this would enable us to get a good freeze on the refrigerator and charge up the batteries. I radioed ahead, got a reservation, and spot on the main dock out front. I wanted to stay out front because typically Blind Channel likes to tie me up on the inside of the dock. I don't like to because it's a tight squeeze between the shallows on shore and everyone walks by your boat. We got into Blind Channel and tied up at 1200.

We had lunch then went on a long 5 mile hike around the "Forest Trail." At the top end of the "Forest Trail" they've done some logging which makes portions of the trail confusing. We had to do some back-tracking. It was a very hot day. After the hike we were pooped and took a long shower. Then with plenty of ice I made a Cesar and enjoyed the afternoon. We enjoyed a simple potato soup for dinner.

Nm: 39.7 Avg. speed: 6.3 Time: 6:18 Hours: 6.5 Ending hours: 5889.6

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