Sunday, September 6, 2009

Canada & Montague Harbor

Wednesday, July 8. Day 4.
It started steadily raining about 0430-0500. Skies are completely overcast and gray. Last night, Kim dropped some tweezers down the forward head sink and that took some time to try to get. We tried flushing them out and blowing them out, but to no avail - the tweezers are there to stay.

We left Prevost Harbor at 1000 by then the rain had stopped. Winds were calm. We crossed Haro Strait and entered into Canada at about 1035 and then into Bedwell and Canada Customs at 1100. I called CANPASS while crossing and got the following entry permit #20091890243. Unfortunately when I called Canada Customs Josef's CANPASS permit had expired by just a couple of weeks. We will need to renew his permit. Fortunately they let us pass without any delay. We docked at the Bedwell Customs dock, waited our obligatory 15 minutes and then went on our way at 1115.

We motored up Bedwell Harbor and were going to go through Pender Canal which separates North and South Pender Island. The shallowest it got was 4.4'. I wasn't too concerned since the tide was rising.

We made it around Razor Pt and into Plumper Sound on our way to Montague Harbor. A light S/SE wind pushed us along. We got into Montague Harbor, Saturna Island, at 1345 and grabbed a mooring buoy on the W side of the bay. Weather is still cloudy and overcast with a S/SE wind of about 10 kts.

We motored over to Ganges Harbor on Salt Spring Island in the "Zipper" to get some groceries. Then we came back and had dinner - "Rogan Josh". Traditionally this dish is made with lamb but we made it with chicken instead. Kim dressed it up with carrots, onions, and peppers - it was really good. I enjoyed a good drink of whiskey after dinner.

Nm: 18.4 Avg. speed: 5.3 kts. Time: 3:30 Hours: 3.8 Ending hours: 5863.6

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