Monday, September 7, 2009

Althorp Cove

Tuesday, July 14. Day 10.
We left Blind Channel Marina at 0930 to continue our trip. My on-going disappointment with Blind Channel Marina continues... the marina charged us over $70 for moorage. They must have counted the length of the Independence as well as the length of the Zipper tied up behind us, so we were a 53' boat?! Oh well, the freezer/fridge is cold and the batteries are well charged.

We rode the ebb current through Greene Point Rapids and down Chancellor Channel. At times there was a 10 knot W wind blowing against us. Once again it made for a cool morning cruise because the wind blowing over the water made it very cold. The seawater temperature was only 43F. Fortunately the sun came out and started to warm things up. We rounded D'Arcy Point and into Wellbore Channel and through Whirlpool Rapids. We made it into our Althorp Pt. Cove anchorage at 1200. I was very happy that we were the only boat here. We're anchored in 27' of water at 1/2 falling. There's a light W wind.

Althorp Pt. is a favorite anchorage of mine. For many years we used this anchorage as a rest-stop on our trips going N or when returning. The boys remember Althorp Pt. because we would always have a "fishing derby." One year there was a storm out on Johnstone Strait and we waited out the blow anchored here. We spent two days fishing, playing on the beach, and relaxing. The "flag pole" we erected with an old net float on top was still standing after all these years.

We started preparing the crab pots for setting over in Bessborough Bay. We initially set 3 crab pots but got no crab. We would set the pots, then drift around and explore the shore for an hour. The last time we set crab pots in Bessborough Bay in 2006 we got 5-6 nice Dungeness crab. Then we lost one crab pot because the line parted from the trap. Oh how I was disappointed and angry with myself. I should have checked the lines better. We then set the shrimp pots farther out in Bessborough Bay and headed back to the boat. I set the remaining two crab pots out around the anchorage for that night. I was disappointed that we were not going to have fresh crab for dinner tonight.

Nm: 14.9 Avg. speed: 6.1 kts. Time: 2:27 Hours: 2.5 Ending hours: 5892.1

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