Sunday, September 6, 2009

Late Start

Sunday, July 5. Day 1.
We got a very late boarding last night. We didn't get down to the boat until midnight. Additionally there was plenty of excitement - Hank fell off the dock and had to be rescued. Fortunately Josef got into a moored dinghy, coaxed Hank over, and fished him out of the bay. All is well. However, I wasn't too happy about the late arrival to the boat.

We left the dock at 0558 for our trip N. Waters are calm in Budd Inlet. In Dana Passage there were light and variable winds. These light and variable winds continued all the way up to the Tacoma Narrows. We passed through the Narrows at about 0930 making a good way at 10 knots. We cruised up Colvos Passage where we enjoyed the last of the ebb. Around Blake Island we started fighting the flood current. Just past Blakely Rock I laid down for a short nap.

The waters now are very "rolly" from all the boats returning from the July 4th holiday. We got into Kingston at 1430. Kingston was pretty crowded from the 4th of July.

Nm: 56.4, Avg. speed: 6.7 kts. Time: 8:28. Hours: 8.8 End hours: 5849.2

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