Sunday, September 6, 2009

Solving the Transmission Fluid Leak

Thursday, July 9. Day 5.
We left Montague Harbor at 0701 along with three other boats - 2 sailboats and a small trawler - all US boats headed for Dodd Narrows. We ever so slowly passed the trawler, then one sailboat and finally just outside of Round Island the second sailboat. We arrived at Dodd Narrows at just past 1100. We had just missed slack and now the current was running strong to the S. I stayed close to the SE shore riding a back eddy and then darting out into the current. I pushed the throttle up and motored through the Narrows. Of couse as always when going through Dodd there was a parade of boats going through. I got in line and went on through.

We got into Newcastle Harbor around 1200 and dropped the anchor in 17.7' of water.

I checked the transmission fluid and again noticed that it was down. I thoroughly checked the transmission cooler and noticed it wet with transmission fluid. So I decided to swap it out. I remembered that my problems with experiencing a transmission fluid leak didn't start until I swapped out the transmission cooler last year. Changing the transmission cooler was a real chore, but I did it. I checked it as best as I could since we were at anchor by putting the boat in forward then reverse a few times. I think that did the trick - at least I hope so.

The Prep Camp people called and said they're going to pick up Josef at 1015 at the sea plane dock tomorrow.

Kim and Josef took Hank to the beach while I rested after my repair ordeal with a nice cold beer. After they returned from walking the dog, we went into town to get some steaks for tonight's dinner and groceries for the trip that Kim and I would continue on.

We grilled steaks and shrimps on the "barbie" on the aft deck and had a great time. It was a great calm evening.

Nm: 28.0 Avg. speed: 5.4 Time: 5:10 Hours: 5.4 Ending hours: 5869.0

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