Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 9 - Grace Harbor to Roscoe Bay

Friday,  July 22, 2011.
Cruising up Malaspina Inlet.
A very quiet night.  Woke to mostly sunny skies.  After considerable discussion based on my research yesterday, we decided to go to Roscoe Bay on West Redonda Island.  Roscoe Bay is a great protected east-west anchorage but there is one challenge, about half way into the bay, there is a drying shelf which dries at a 0' tide.  Which means that the inner portion of Roscoe Bay is isolated at a low tide.  I checked the tide tables and saw that if I entered Roscoe Bay at about 11:30 AM, I would be entering just before high tide without having to worry about the drying bar.  It's about 14 nautical miles from Grace Harbor to Roscoe which at 5 knots would take just about 2.5 hours.  So, we raised the anchor at 0940 to go on to Roscoe Bay.  We had a nice slow cruise up Malaspina Inlet and out into Homfray Channel.  Winds were light.  Again we cruised slowly at only 1700 rpm which was just about 5+ knots.  Just as planned we arrived at Roscoe bay just about 1130.  We ventured into the far western end of the bay and dropped the hook in 21’ of water at 1145 at near high tide.  We crossed over the bar to Roscoe Inlet with at least 7’ of water beneath us.

Shortly after we anchored a converted troller came in and anchored very closely to us.  He came barreling into the bay and seemed to act as if he owned the place and we were all intruding in "his" bay.  Much to my pleasure he left after a short while only to be replaced by another who had to come farther into the bay and anchor close by.  It seems there is a sport of who can anchor farthest into the bay.  I started to notice it over in Grace Harbor and the "farthest in anchor game" was definitely going on here in Roscoe Bay.
Roscoe Bay. - Green marks the trails we hiked.

Shortly after anchoring we decided to hike up the trail to Mt. Llanover.  The trail is very steep and challenging (it's a real "lung burner") and follows an old logging road and creek up until it meets up with a beaver pond.  Whatever thought we had of hiking to the top of Mt. Llanover was dashed because of how steep the trail was.  We came to a beaver pond and a flat area and stopped to have a snack.  It was late in the day, we were both exhausted, and decided to say "no more" up so the beaver pond became our zenith.  We relaxed in the cool shade along the shore of the beaver pond for quite awhile before heading back down.  Again, did I say the trail was challenging?  I fell on the way up – no problem, but on the way down I fell again this time scraping myself just below the elbow.   Finally we made it back to the trail head.  I was so hot and tired that I needed to cool off.  Just on the north shore of Roscoe Bay a small waterfall that pours directly down into Roscoe Bay..  I motored the bow of the Zipper into the waterfall and I took a shower in the waterfall - how refreshing.  In addition to taking a shower I filled up a 5 gallon bucket with water from the waterfall to fill up the sun shower for a later shower.  
At anchor in beautiful Roscoe Bay
The evening was beautiful.  We were all exhausted from the hike.  For supper we grilled chicken – a medittereanean style with lemon, fresh basil and spices – and ate out on the back deck.  My evening whiskey ration was especially welcome, it helped relax my tired muscles, and it tasted oh so good.  We weren't up too long before we all - dogs and people - retired and went to bed.

Stats: Ending engine hours: 6138.9, elapsed engine hours: 2.3, 10.7 nm, average speed 5.0 kts., 2:09 hrs motoring

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