Saturday, August 21, 2010

Oil Change

6070.6 hours
Took advantage of some of the crew being out of town to do some needed engine maintenance. First, I checked to see if there was any "junk" on the leading end (intake) of the oil cooler. It was clean. Next I changed the injector oil. Its been over 50 hours, but the oil looked fine. Next I tackled the main engine oil change. Since I had no commitments I took my time to change the oil. First I sucked the oil out of the dip stick hole using the little portable oil changer pump which went quicker than I expected. I didn't start the engine to heat up the oil like I normally do. Rather the day was kind of warm and just sucked the oil out "cold." I had to use 3 containers to hold all the oil - or about 3.9 gallons. Next I removed all the old "oil zorb" pads and pillow out of the engine room. I didn't have an oil filter so I had to go to the store and buy a new Fram 8A oil filter. So when I took the oil up to the oil recycling center I went to the auto parts store too. When I came back I changed the oil filter and cleaned up. A trick I learned was to remove the oil filter bracket from the engine, then loosen the filter, then put a plastic zip lock bag around the filter and screw the filter off. When the filter is off, simply seal up the zip lock bag - no mess and no fuss. Finally I enjoyed a couple of fingers of whiskey after the oil changing project to relax. I'm ready for doing a little local cruise.

The last time the main engine oil was changed was at 5952.7 hours or 117.9 hours elapsed.

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